About Us

Our Vision

The new merged partnership will be an innovative and high performing at scale hub and spoke GP Corporation that delivers high quality, consistent, coordinated and accessible patient and Family centred healthcare and wellbeing services closer to home. It will be fit for purpose to meet the needs of our local population, our partners and staff and the challenges of the 21st century.

We intend to grow the organisation into a provider of health and social care Ecosystem which is Patient and Family Centred. Managing its populations health using an integrated and fully expanded IT delivery

We would build on this ability by developing and growing into a health care insurer of the future, which can provide logistical support and seed fund to international health care Ecosystems.

Our vision is to develop our integrated Primary and social care ecosystem in the UK and then use this knowledge and acumen to develop a scaled up model which can be replicated internationally. We would build our capabilities in developing outcome based payment models. This model will help inform and develop future Insurance models and policy for expansion into new markets. We intend to become the knowledge provider, coordinator and insurer of the future providing logistical support and seed funding international health care Ecosystems.

To deliver our vision the partners have developed a robust governance structure, organisational form and operational model.

This model includes developing Health and Beyond Ltd as a service provider company which will be the hub, back-office and infrastructure support provider to Health and Beyond GP partnership .This mechanism allows the partnership to leverage its consolidated back-office assets and use this to facilitate and coordinate work with other GP practices in Wolverhampton. The details in this document are focussed on the development of Health and Beyond Ltd which is the hub and service provider for the GP partnership.

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