Corporate Options

On 9/6/2017 GP Partners from Grove Medical Centre, All-Saints and Rosevillas Medical Practice, Caerleon Surgery met the CCG, IT and Primary Care Contracting team to express their intention to merge into a single GMS partnership. Following this meeting an application with Expression of interest to merge was put forward to the Primary Care Commissioning Board which was later signed off by the CCG and is now fully operational.

The above three practices are now operating across 2 principle hubs and 4 delivery arms which have brought together our resources to deliver care for just fewer than 13500 patients. In the long -term Health and Beyond Partnership intend to operate from one location in All Saints area and a second one in the Bilston area.  However, they are currently operating across the four original sites. Integration has taken place in IT, telephony, sharing of clinical notes, HR and Back Office functionality which are allowing better patient interaction and access along with better and more coordinated care.

Using Our Core principle

To continue to nurture and preserve all that is excellent about traditional GP services – local GPs leading and working in local surgeries will provide long-term doctor/patient relationships that are based on established values of trust and personalised care; enabling us to improve the range and quality of patient services, access, patient responsiveness and organisational learning.

Active Goals, Visions and Principles

We are now in a position to develop a “general practice at scale”, merging our GMS partnerships with three other practices to form a larger, more corporate business structure, allowing us and our patients to benefit from the resources, economies and efficiencies of a larger organisation to survive, compete and prosper in the new and evolving landscape.

This will allow us to develop cost-effective community solutions by working closely with social care and other community and voluntary sector assets to manage and deliver holistic health and social care. Whilst creating an integrated health and social care ecosystem. We are currently in the process of a further merger with three new practices this merger will give patient population of approximately 23,500. This will give us the chance to increase to a 3 Hub delivery model.

Ongoing Goals, Visions and Principles

We intend to work with other practices in Wolverhampton and beyond to develop a bigger Super-partnership model which can give us a cohort of 50,000 patients.

Advantages for patients: The new super practice will enable us to offer patients care from a modern building and appropriate building with excellent facilities long term, and to further add to a primary health care team with an excellent clinical skill mix and associated Allied services.

  Improve the overall range and quality of services to patients
  Improve access to services, with longer opening hours to meet the needs of patients, and no half day closing
  Centralised Back Office Hub
  Better telephone access
  Consolidate Medicines Management
  Create greater clinical skill mixes options
  Improve access to more clinical staff for patients
  Improve patient choice, increasing GP’s and Nursing availability greater access to the number of female GP’s
  Ease of access to other co-located allied services
  Partnership with Community, Local Authority, Mental Health, Social Care and other bespoke services.

Advantages for GP practices

It is a way to help get more practices on board into a bigger organisation needed to deliver scaled up, more robust and diverse Primary Care Services
Can offer significant benefits through economies of scale both clinical and administration wise, utilising larger sites for enhanced services
Enables rationalisation and standardisation of quality frameworks and policies
In long-term our super-partnership can establish joint ventures with other GP, NHS, social and other health care organisations in the future
Develop more suitable and advanced premises, with greater integration with allied healthcare professionals and services, whilst match matching local and national objectives


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