Joining Health & Beyond Surgeries

Open for the registration of new patients

In the case of Health and Beyond all our sites are OPEN for the registration of new patients, this applies to our local residents and those outside our area, in line with changes made in 2015. In the case of requests for out of area patients please see below.

Information for out of area patients:

Since January 5 2015, all GP practices in England have been free to register new patients who live outside their practice boundary area. This means you can register with a GP practice somewhere that’s more convenient for you, such as a practice near your work or closer to your children’s schools. This will give you greater choice and aims to improve the quality of access to GP services. Use the Services near you facility to find out what people say about a GP practice.

If the practice has no capacity at the time, or feels it is not clinically appropriate or practical for you to be registered so far away from home, they can still refuse registration. The practice should explain to you their reason for refusing your registration. How to register with a GP practice further away: You may wish to join a GP near work or re-register with your old GP following a move.

The new arrangements make this possible; however, there are a few things to consider: Research your options in the area you want to register with, so you choose a practice that is right for you.

Compare GP surgeries according to facilities, services or performance before you decide. Ask friends, relatives and others you trust for their thoughts and recommendations.

If you wish to register as a patient, with Health and Beyondplease complete an application form, available to download on this site or from the surgery, giving some background information and your medical history. Plus you will be asked for proof of address and ID.

Please bring the completed form along to reception with your medical card if you have it.  The information on the medical card will speed up the process of getting your records from your previous practice. Once you have been accepted as a patient, your medical records will be transferred to us and a new medical card will be sent to your home address.  You do not need to inform your existing practice that you are moving, although it may be courteous to do so.

When you register, we will ask you to make an appointment to see the practice nurse for a new patient health check.  This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure/smear tests/mammograms/ NHS health checks) are up to date.

Please remember to notify the practice of any change of address, including post code and telephone numbers, or any change in name, as soon as possible so that our records may be kept up to date.  If you move outside the practice area you will need to change your Doctor.

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