Complaint Procedure

What happens when I complain?

Stage One

We hope that most problems can be sorted out locally and informally. This should be done, if you feel able to, by first speaking to the member of staff who you have already had contact with. If the complaint is about that person, ask to see the person in charge. Tell them clearly that you are not satisfied and why.

Stage Two

How our Formal Complaints procedure works

If we have been unable to resolve your concerns with the person in charge or if you have asked for your complaint to be registered as formal the following procedure will take place:

What action can I take if I am not happy with the outcome of my complaint?

If you are dissatisfied without final response, you should contact the Practice Manager in the first instance to discuss your concerns further. We will ensure that every effort is made to satisfactorily address any outstanding issues.

In the event that you believe the organisation has not provided a satisfactory response to the matter that you confirmed in your initial correspondence you can contact NHS England complaint service on the contact details below.

NHS England National Call Centre Service 0300 311 2233

They will pass your concerns to the local locality to be dealt with.