Test Results

If you have an investigation such as a scan or sample taken (e.g.: smear or blood test), please contact us any time after 11:00am Monday to Friday.

We do not routinely contact patients about their results; it is up to you to contact us. The exception to this is if the results are urgent or require a visit with your doctor to discuss further treatment.

  • Blood test results are usually back within 2 to 4 days
  • Urine and swab results take a minimum of 3 days but may take up to seven days
  • X-rays and other radiological scans make take in excess of two weeks and are dependent upon the hospital workload.

If your test results are back but have not been checked by a doctor, you will be informed and asked to contact us again. Please remember our reception staff are not medically trained and will not be able to interpret your results. Once the results are check by the doctor our reception staff can then let you know the outcome. We cannot give full results over the phone and you may be asked to make an appointment to discuss the result further.

Obtaining Test Results Online

To obtain Test Results via SMS, please submit a request using the link below.

Contact us about your request

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